About [Culture and Biology]

Zukanfu-zasshi [Culture and Biology] is a media platform dedicated to descripting and cultivating the fields of ‘culture,’ which represents the endeavors of humans living in the modern era, and ‘biology,’ which seeks to understand the essence of living beings.

We perceive a profound allure and potential at the nexus of ‘culture’ and ‘biology.’

Given the multifaceted nature of “culture”, we focus on delving into the culture that is familiar to us and reflects the era we live in.

Meanwhile, ‘biology’ is the academic discipline that studies the myriad forms of life, including humans, and we are confident in its capacity to shed light on the fundamental question of who we are.

Like a magazine that brings new insights and encounters, or an encyclopedia that evokes the wonder and excitement we experienced as children, join us on a journey that promises to fulfill our intellectual curiosity in exploring  “Culture and Biology,”.

From the editorial department of “Culture and Biology.”

Translation by Ashley Rinka Smith